A déjà vu

Do you get a feeling sometimes, that people around you judge you with there glances?

OMG”, say there eyes, “how could anyone have chosen, this style of shoelaces??” or “No way he can possibly understand this smart titled book, he is holding in his hairy hands! What a pretentious show-off… get a life dude! And for Christ’s sake do something with this hair-jungle mess on your hands, gee…!“ or “iPhone 5s? Seriously? No wonder, nobody texts you on an ancient device like this!“

All the joking and exaggerating aside: it’s so easy to read too much into facial expressions of people around you. A half decade ago I run into a beardy, tough looking guy on the street. His facial expression told me clearly not think even in the deepest sublevels of my pathetic subcontiousness about the slightest possibility of messing around with him. Though intimidated by his looks I found courage to say him a quite: “hi” and was rewarded by a bright, almost childish smile back and a friendly, even a little bit shy greeting back! 

Yesterday on a subway I felt a Déjà-vu! This time however I was “the beardy guy”.

Copyright: Andrey Khvostenko © All rights reserved.
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